Caroline Bowman

Caroline is a skilled sculptor and puppet maker who has worked with Nick Barnes Puppets since it began.

She is passionate about puppetry and brings a keen and often capricious eye to whatever she is working on.

She has studied puppetry, made puppets and performed with them at the highest level, including as a puppeteer with Warhorse in the West End.

Her background as a performer and her love of animals feeds into her work at every level of decision making and keeps us all on our toes when it comes to anatomy and general animal knowledge.

At age 8 Caroline was taken to see CATS in London by her grandparents, and fell for the truth and fantasy of theatre. Twenty years later she was able to get her grandpa the same seat in the same theatre to see her play the backside of a horse in War Horse… dream come true!

Before that, she studied Puppetry at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Upon graduating she spent the next few years touring the world with Charlie and Lola’s Best Bestest Play, making puppets for a variety of people including Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mr Fox/ Isle of Dogs), and performing with The Rainbow Collectors, Polka Theatre, The Bregenz Festspielhaus, the London Olympics opening ceremony, Aitor Throup, and the National Theatre. 

Caroline also works for other companies including big puppet company Puppets With Guts with whom she began collaborating in 2013, making a giant squid, a massive warty bottom, and some huge lips. She works occasionally for Gyre and Gymble (The Grinning Man, The Four Seasons) and still performs, playing amongst other things a butterfly in Sabotage Theatre’s The Looker, and operating Jack in the short film of the same name by Gary Friedmann.

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